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How apartment security cameras are regulated by the law throughout the state of Illinois


If you’re a renter living in a condo creating, maybe you have questions about the legality of employing surveillance cameras. In Illinois, the laws governing the application of security cameras in residential complexes differ according to whether they are inside and out your system and who will be looking at the footage. Here’s what you ought to referred to as a tenant residing in a flat building in Illinois.

Installing of Video cameras Inside Of Your Flat

If you would like to setup spy camera store chicago inside of your condominium, most of the time it can be authorized you should do so. Even so, most landlords will require composed authorization from them just before any installation happens. Regardless of whether your property owner says it is actually ok for you to put in digital cameras inside of your apartment, keep in mind that it is crucial for tenants to respect their neighbors’ privacy along with their very own.

Installation of Digital cameras Outside Your Flat

In Illinois, renters usually are not able to put in any surveillance cameras outside their unit without initially receiving composed consent in the property owner or property director. This consists of setting cameras around typical regions including hallways or stairwells, that could potentially intrude on other tenants’ personal privacy legal rights. Furthermore, if your landlord permits you to put in a digital camera outside your model, ensure that it does not concentrate its camera lens on nearby units or popular places without authorization from all of afflicted parties.

Looking at of Saved Video footage

As well as installing legal guidelines, there are also distinct polices concerning who can access captured video and just how extended this video clips can be kept. In most cases, only landlords and property managers have accessibility to documented footage from security cameras found outside of tenants’ flats. Moreover, property owners must be sure that the video clips is securely stored and erased within 30 days unless it is actually used for legal proceedings or investigations by law enforcement representatives.


Knowing the condominium safety digital camera regulations for Illinois might help make sure that renters are able to guard themselves while respecting the privacy rights of the nearby neighbors and fellow renters. While installing of digital cameras inside a flat device is generally permitted without endorsement from a property owner or property administrator, setting up any type of digicam outside a unit requires written authorization just before proceeding with set up. Moreover, only property owners and property supervisors should gain access to recorded video footage from exterior surveillance cameras and also this details should be securely placed and erased within four weeks unless needed for authorized proceedings or research by law enforcement officers. Remember when it comes to hire arrangements and leases, make certain you read through all paperwork very carefully before signing them so that you will understand fully all relevant laws and regulations associated with surveillance cameras each outside and inside your apartment unit.

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